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2020 Quarter 3 Issue 40

Central Material Processing System for 112 Sets of IMMs

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Recently, Shini has completed another system of central material processing for a Guangdong customer. It realized integrated processing of the plastic materials required by 112 sets of injection molding machines, including material storage, centralized conveying, drying, and mixing.


The total material consumption is about 1.2T/hr,the maximum horizontal and vertical distances for material conveying is 135m and 3.5m, respectively. According to the customer's demands and material properties, we provided the customers with a completed solution based on Shini sFactory 4.0 platform, which integrated the central conveying system, drying and dehumidifying equipment, and dosing unit. It reserved the function for the future development of digital production. All pipes were arranged overhead with an organized and concise layout to improve the customer's productivity, the workshop's environment, and corporate image. This end-to-end assembly integrated the processes from material input to finished product output, ideally improving the conveying automation level and strengthening the digital basis. All these improvements will finally be reflected in product quality and management efficiency.


About the sFactory 4.0


sFactory 4.0 smart injection molding factory is a completed systematic solution launched by Shini for the injection molding industry, which integrates injection molding, take out, positioning, assembling, packaging, and logistics into one unit. It equips with the latest developed sData system for data acquisition and monitoring of the injection molding workshop. It assembles reliable software and hardware products such as a central material handling system, a central cooling water system, a compressed air supply system, a power distribution system, automation, energy monitoring, sLink, and so on, achieving more detailed data acquisition than traditional injection molding production. This system has automatic optimization function, and the whole production process relies upon reliable tools for seamless data acquisition and networking to achieve energy consumption monitoring (e.g., refrigerant consumption monitoring, cold water flow monitoring, cold water input, and output temperature monitoring, power consumption monitoring and power real-time status monitoring), and injection process monitoring, etc. Real-time data acquisition and transmission make more transparent production, which can better improve the management of plant workflow. The acquisition, management, analysis and traceability of materials, products, energy consumption, and production data ensure process parameters can be collected and saved in time, which is easy to realize data analysis and cost control of production process, and all these seemingly complicated processes can be completed in just a few clicks.