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2020 Quarter 3 Issue 40

Application Central Cooling water in Medical Industry

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A medical company in Henan Province is a group specialized in producing disposable medical apparatus and instruments, such as anesthesia, pain, nursing, testing, blood purification, minimally invasive intervention, surgery, electronic intelligence etc., which integrates R&D, production, sales and service in the one.


Since the centralized water system in the customer’s plant is unable to supply 40 sets of injection molding machines, Shini designed a new set of hermetic centralize water systems containing low-temperature cooling water and room temp. water for the company.


The system is designed with the following functions:

1.Automatically switching between winter and summer modes.

2.The pump group can maintain constant pressure according to the actual demands of the workshop.

3.The hermetic cooling water tower will automatically discharge water via air during the shutdown.

4.Adopt compressed air to discharge the water in mould when exchanging moulds.


The room temperature cooling water system is composed of a hermetic water cooling tower, water pump group with inverter control, hermetic water tank, and full-automatic water softener. The low-temperature chilled water system consists of the CFC free screw chiller, internal pump group, external water pump group with inverter control, hermetic water tank, plate heat exchanger, full-automatic water softener and cleaning filter.


The pipe system adopts a reversed return water system design to ensure balanced flow and pressure at each water station. The main pipes are connected by butt welding, and the branch pipes are by quick connection, with all pipes and fittings made of SUS304 stainless steel. Besides, the clean room standard, and the whole pipe surface is covered with heat insulation cotton and an aluminum layer for finishing. It effectively eliminates the heat dissipation and prevents moisture condensed on the pipeline surface. Moreover, each branch pipe has a meter for real-time checking the end water supply. It uses a flexible hose to connect the pipeline and equipment to make a practical and tidy system.