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2021 Quarter 1 Issue 42

The Case of Whole Plant Planning in Protective Appliances Industry

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Zhejiang Nicety Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the design and production of safety helmets, climbing helmets, protective masks, earmuffs, smart nursing apparatuses, and other safety and health products. The company is responsible for a Chinese National Program. That mainly applies scientific and technological products researched and developed by the Astronaut Center of China in the Shenzhou spacecraft. Its products are exported to the United States, France, Britain, Italy, Turkey, Australia, and other 30 countries, enjoying a high reputation at home and abroad.

Central Conveying System

There are 22 injection molding machines in the production, 11 of which require two colors of materials. To prevent color residues in the material line, each injection molding machine uses two independent material lines. Based on overall planning, the system makes full use of the existing equipment in the production, and 14 dryers are in the plan to process different materials. The dried materials are conveyed to the corresponding hopper receiver after getting into the relevant material line via the material distribution station. In total, four blowers in the group are planted for material conveying. One blower is used for conveying materials in the material room. Two blowers are used to convey the material for the hoppers receiver on the injection molding area. The remaining blower is reserve for preventive maintenance.

Water and Electricity Planning Program

In the workshop, 22 sets of injection molding machines require two water temperatures of water supplies—50% of chilled water in high-temperature conditions—the remaining 50% of cooling water in normal temperatures.  The normal temperature cooling water system consists of the cooling water tower, variable frequency pump group, stainless steel water tank, auto purging filter, and automatic water softener. However, the low-temperature chilled water system uses existing water-cooled water chiller SIC-25W-HP to achieve chilled water supply to the moulds of 11 machines by switching the valve under high temperature. Besides, the reversed return pipeline system's design ensures the balance of flow and pressure at each water supply station. Each branch pipe has a temperature and pressure meter, which can check the end pipeline's water supply in real-time. The pipeline and equipment are connected by the SUS304 shockproof hose that makes a safe and organized assembly.

Based on the customer's existing resources, we make overall planning of the compressed air system according to the statistics of all gas demands and connect the air compressors to the system simultaneously. The two air compressors can be switched during maintenance to ensure a reliable air supply. Meanwhile, we plan six power distribution cabinets in the system, used in the injection molding workshops, circulating water systems, air compressors, and feeders. Besides, the power distribution cabinet complies with the China Compulsory Certification. Its main incoming cable is the single-core cable that ensures easy installation and electrical safety. In the workshop, the cable bridge adopts an aluminum alloy cable ladder that is good for cable heat dissipation.