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2021 Quarter 1 Issue 42

Application of Automation in Chemical Filler Industry

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Chemical filler is the essential component of gas-liquid contact in the packing tower, featuring excellent acid and heat resistance properties. It is highly resistant to corrosion of all kinds of inorganic acids, organic acids, and organic solvents except the hydrofluoric acid. It is known for a wide range of applications, such as in drying tower, absorption tower, washing tower and regeneration tower of chemical, metallurgy, and gas oxygen industries. The material can be classified as ceramic filler, plastic filler, and metal filler. Enterprises are the main bodies of market economic activities. To become a player in the fierce market competition, we must try our best to improve our competitiveness.

A Technology Co., Ltd. in Jiangxi has established a digital production base of 5G technology + intelligent manufacturing, the first digital chemical company in China's mass transfer material industry. The new materials demonstration enterprise of technologic 5G intelligent manufacturing mainly produces mass transfer materials and industrial equipment. As a professional manufacturer of mass transfer materials, it has developed more than 100 kinds of products, such as plastic filler, metal filler, ceramic filler, packed tower and other mass transfer equipment, tower internals, trays, vessel towers, fire pipelines, new fire-fighting materials, water treatment materials and so on. All products have independent intellectual property rights and are widely used in mass transfer processes of the chemical, fertilizer, coking, chlor-alkali, salinization, electric power, environmental protection, oil refining, coal to liquids, pharmaceutical, fire-fighting, and other industries. The company became the partner of Shini in 2017 and purchased several batches of the Three Axes Servo Driven Robots from Shini for automatic injection molding of the plastic filler products. After the equipment was put into use, the robots ran stably. Moreover, they worked well with the injection molding machine, thus significantly improving the productivity and quality.

The series of Three Axes Servo Driven Robots are mainly used for removing prues and finished products in the injection molding process. There are single-arm and double arms choices to apply with two plate mold, three plate mold, or hot runner mold plate. It complies with the industry 4.0 standard, capable of arranging, stacking, quality, and mold placement. It is suitable for injection molding machines with clamping force under 3600 tons.

Three Axes Servo Driven Robot