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2021 Quarter 4 Issue 45

2021 Quarter 4 Issue 45 Message from the Chief Editor

Dear Customers and Partners,

Roof-sealing Ceremony

The Project of the Servo Robot Arm Assemble Facility

The roof-sealing ceremony of the plant was conducted out in the morning on November 6th. On a beautiful day, the sky was clear and blue. The ceremony was bustling with noise and excitement, implicating the enterprise with the same livelihood splendor. Sited in Shunde Science and Technology Industrial Park at the Daliang Street of Shunde in Foshan, the plant was invested by Yinxing Plastics Technologies (Foshan), Inc. In the company, the towering buildings were decorated with red slogans blessing the "Auspicious Sealing-off", with flags symbolizing the win-win cooperation waving in the breeze.

In 2003, the Shunde branch of Shini Plastics Technologies (Dongguan), Inc. was established, mainly offering services for clients in the West Bank of the Pearl River. With the further development of the plastics industry and market, Dongguan Shini started to find suitable land to build the factory in the Pearl River Delta area in 2016. Having highly recognized the business capacity and brand of Dongguan Shini, leaders at all levels of the Management Committee of Daliang Wusha Industrial Zone and the Economic Development Bureau at Daliang Street in Shunde provided Shini with the new address. Finally, they signed the land agreement on July 28th, 2020. Consequently, the project was officially started on March 25th, 2021, and the new plant roof-sealing ceremony of Shini Plastics Technologies (Foshan), Inc. was held on that day.