Central Cooling System

  • The central cooling water system is suitable for cooling, maintaining constant temperature and other fields in industrial refrigeration. It adopts centralized control and double-stage cooling, combining parts with the whole and saving energy plus flexibly occupying space. All of these factors render system as the indispensable equipment for improving production efficiency and quality in modern industry.

    The whole unit adopts centralized cooling, controlling and chilled water conveying which features intelligent cooling, energy-saving and flexible use of space.

    With accurate control of temperature, flow and pressure; as well as maximized cooling effect, the products of this series consists of air-cooled and water-cooled chillers, cooling tower, pump and water tank. Based on the standard equipment and technology, Shini can provide you the customized solutions to satisfy all your requirements.

    The newly-launched SIIC adopts frequency converter compressor which can change frequency according to the load variation, to adjust refrigerating capacity and maintain a constant chilled water temperature. Compared with the traditional chiller, the new model can save energy at 15%.