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2013 Quarter 2 Issue 15

Multiple Materials Handling in Auto Plastic Industry

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A well plastic supplier of automobile parts in Nanking, with its headquarter located in Michigan, USA. The company’s main business is automotive interior system. It specializes in designing, engineering, manufacturing and assembly of all kinds of featured products. The company attaches friendly relation and partnership with many famous automobile manufacturers and parts suppliers such as Ford motor and General Motor Co., etc.. The Naking company was established in June, 2006 in the beautiful Jiangning economic development zone and was put into production in February, 2007. Recently the company expanded production and a complete auxiliary equipment system is required to satisfy the production need.

According to the requirements, Shini worked out a solution after which had been accepted by the client, Shini sent engineers to the company and surveyed on the site. After the measurement of the workshop and confirmation of related information, as well as getting to know the specific requirements from the client, the engineer drew out the proportional three-dimensional working drawing which the construction and installation are strictly obeyed. With the joint effort of both our engineer and the client, the project completed successfully. The whole system, from planning to construction, from model selection to system configuration, was full of creativeness and technology. With this system, considerable cost would be saved and the period for the equipments to go into production would be shortened. Also the construction efficiency was improved. This system had helped Shini won a good reputation.

With 26 injection molding machines, the system is divided into three areas, namely: granulating area, drying and dehumidifying area, molding area and control system. To producing many kinds of products, the plastic materials used were also diversified. The main materials are POY, PPR, ABS, PCA, NYL, ACT, OPEN and PBT, etc.. Parts of the materials contain glass fiber. There are 16 kinds of materials needed to be dried and 14 others needed not. Regardless of the demanding requirements of the material handling modes and technology, the requirements on operation and control of feeding system had been brutal with the conditions of maximum material consumption 40kg/hr and minimum 20kg/hr, horizontal conveying distance 160m, platform area 25m, granulating area 20m and total vertical distance 40m and height 4m.

The sound-proof central granulators applied in the granulating area feature dust-separating and auto loading. With excellent cutting ability, the granulator could definitely meet the requirements. In the dehumidifying and drying area, the number of dehumidifiers and dryers reached 32. To better and efficiently make use of the space, the platform structure with equipments vertically placed of this area can optimize the space utilization and material conveying. However, with the application of a large number of dryers, the quantity of pipelines increased, too. Material distribution station then helped to significantly improve the efficiency as well as the aesthetic measure. During material handing, the materials used was made up of fresh material and regrinds. Gravimetric blenders helped to proportionally dose and mix the materials which ensure the products quality. In addition, based on the analysis of the usability of the whole system, to convey 655kg material per hour in a horizontal distance of 160m without blockage, roots blower with higher air pressures and large air quantity are adopted. PLC central control station consists of two SCCS-300-G-C and one SCCS-200-G-C. With totally 84 sites, the whole system meets all the requirements on central control.

With the introduction of the system, costs used on human power, material, energy, resources etc. are saved significantly. Many other clients also went to visit the factory accompanied by Shini’s regional manager and gave high praise. Lately they had placed an order. This case shows us with constant self-strive and self-requirement, Shini brand will be recognized by more and more clients.

Experience Sharing

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