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Special Reports

2014 Quarter 4 Issue 21

Shini Granulator Energy-saving Motor Update

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As energy and environment issue become more and more important, each country has formulated the energy-efficiency standard to the motor which is the main power equipment in industrial field–small & middle asynchronous motor. In general, compared with common motor, the qualified energy-efficiency motor can lower the consumption by 10% in average. For occasions as continuously in long-term operation and with high load-rate, the energy-saving effect is optimum. 

Energy consumption of Shini granulator mainly come form the motor. As leader in the field, we constantly take our efforts to lower costs by pursuing high-efficiency motor. In this case, everyone can be benefited from the lower costs of longer motor lifespan. 

Features of Shini granulator high-efficiency motor:

Comply with Secondary Level of standard GB18613-2006 as well as efficiency IEC60034-30 IE2.

All the irons adopt high-quality cold silicon steel plates which possess excellent electrical performance, energy conservation and environmental protection.

It’s applicable to   inverter driving which with excellent energy-saving potential. 

Adopt self-cooling fan (IC411 specified in IEC60034-6) which can provide individual drive of cooling fan.  

Motor energy-saving calculation:
Take 15kW 4 degree high-efficiency motor and common motor comparison as example

Above table just a simple calculation of motor power efficiency. If takes motor lifespan and inverter utilization 
into consideration, the energy-saving rate will be higher.