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2017 Quarter 4 Issue 33
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An Experience Sharing of Central Conveying System--Terminal Elements

A electronics company in Wenzhou mainly produces terminal and wafer, and has more than 1000 kinds of products, which are widely used in home appliances such as air conditioner, washing machine, warmer, micro wave and computer. It owns 40 HAITIAN IMM. Shini designed a material conveying system for it after careful site visits and professional analysis. The conveying system consists of 8 Euro-material mixers(raw material feeding position), 8 Euro-dryer, 6 Roots blower(2 backup), 4 central dry filters, and each dryer is equipped with an oil filter since the raw material containing oil impurity. Meanwhile, there is a material distribution station designed for accommodating 24 sets of two-heads branch pipes which are overlapped pairwise. The overall structure of the distribution station is small and exquisite, occupying little space and convenient for customers to operate and change raw materials.

Material conveying room is in the third floor while the workshop is in the second floor. The 8 pipes which stretch from the distribution station to the workshop are parallel paved in three layers with their supports welded on the wall in good order. To avoid pipe crack caused by material impact, endurable elbow pipes are applied in turning points. The engineering team tactically arranged the configuration of pipe routes and the waterways, circuit and gas pipelines in the workshop in different layers, installing receivers in good order. Every injection molding machine is connected with its hopper via a metal pipe plus a wire hose, with the former one connected with its pipe outlet. The service life of the hopper can be prolonged for the collision between hopper and raw material is avoided after the flowing speed of raw material is reduced in the wire hose. This design also avoids hopper inclining,which is often caused by the shifting die cavity of injection molding machine during its operation due to the poor flexibility of wire hose.

The customer’s workshop is clean and in good order. In an overall view, the routine that passes through the storage tank on the conveying platform, the dryer, the material distribution station and the injection molding machine are very clean and tidy. What’s more, with engineer’s ingenuity, the air outlet of injection molding machine is connected with the air pipe via a short flexible pipe, achieving a smooth connection and making the whole system look integrated.

Under its slogan “Excel with high-quality products & service, easy to occupy the first place”, Shini has been a leader in plastic auxiliary machine industry via its professional working teams, excellent technology and meticulous working spirit.

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