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2017 Quarter 4 Issue 33
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Project Case Sharing--Water-purifying Product

A Water Purification Equipment Company in Zhejiang is a large company devoted to designing, developing, producing and selling water- purifying equipments of high quality. To increase production efficiency, cut costs, avoid waste and pollution of raw materials, ensure high quality of products and keep the production environment clean, customers tries to upgrade the current production mode and increase the proportion of systematic scheme and automatic equipments to the production process. 

The raw material should be PP new material. In the material- supply room, two MSTs equipped with Shut-off suction box SBU-160-63S-V are needed; SMDS -3*5-2.5" is a must; in consideration of the consumption of raw materials and their long transportation distance, we see two SCVGs and Roots Blower necessary, one for using and the other backup, so as to prevent motor from breaking down and ensure continuous production; a SCSF-200-F-E should be equipped to collect and filter fine dust and protect the blower. Furthermore, the filter enjoys the function of automatic spraying, being able to set the spraying cycle time in accordance with demands and consequently keep feed system stable.

In the manufacturing shop, picking up goods by hand signifies unstable cycle time and low efficiency, which may lead to products of poor quality. Besides, it can hardly reach the standard of foods. Hence, we’d like to adopt driven robot that is free from above problems. We offer Three Axes Servo Driven Robot, which can automatically take products out, work in with conveyors and achieve the unified taking out, quality testing and piling up of products. As a result, it can stabilize production period, improve the quality of products and save labor costs.

In the process of injection molding, we tend to take long cooling time to ensure the quality of products, but the proportion of it to the cycle time is too high. Therefore, efficient shortening cooling time can remarkably improve the production efficiency. After communicating with customers, we have reached a consensus that cooling water can hardly achieve efficient production, so we are going to provide customers with SIC-W-HP, which can supply cooling water by areas. SIC-W-HP is equipped with high- pressure water pump and built- in water tank, and has no external pump, water tank as well as pipe arrangement. Compared with central water cooler, SIC-W-HP is more convenient to use and the operation as well as the maintenance of it is much easier. Thus, SIC-W-HP is more applicable to the manufacturing shops that have low cooling demand and limited space.

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