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2017 Quarter 4 Issue 33
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Project Case Sharing--Car Light Products

As an Auto Parts Company located in Haining, Zhejiang was founded in 2010, mainly producing lamps inside a car, such as taillight, high mount brake light, daytime running light, rear fog light, reflector lamp, cornering lamp, side turning lamp, car door light, control lamp and so on.

The company boasts 30 horizontal-type injection molding machines, each enjoying capacity of 300 tons. It is a producer of high-end auto parts, being strict about the accuracy of products that enjoy high prices. Therefore, Shini designated skilled engineers and installation persons to pay a site visit there, and then planned a material conveying system for the company. The system is characterized by several advantages. First, all equipments having contact with raw materials are made of stainless steel. Second, four “one-to-three” dehumidifying dryers with honeycomb rotor are equipped, which provide stable drying air with low dew point; third, on the bottom of dryer, there is a shut-off suction box, which protects materials from dampness; Furthermore, robot is provided to take products out, and then products would be sent to packaging site through conveyor belt, getting vacuum packaged. From zero contamination to perfect drying and convenient taking out, each detail involved is carefully design, reflecting the ingenuity of Shini product.

The conveying system consists of 12 material storage tanks (raw material feeding position), 4“one-to-three” dehumidifying dryers, 4 Roots blowers (one backup) and 4 central filters. Meanwhile, there is a material distribution station designed for accommodating 24 sets of two-heads branch pipes which are overlapped pairwise. The overall structure of the distribution station is small and exquisite, occupying little space and convenient for customers to operate and change raw materials. In addition, the whole material room is divided into two floors so as to simplify the layout. The upper floor is for material drying and the lower one for material conveying and distribution.

The material room is next to workshop, and the dried materials would be sent through stainless feeding pipe. The eight pipes are parallel paved in three layers with their supports welded on the wall in good order. To avoid pipe crack caused by material impact, stiffened pipes, firm and endurable, are applied. What is more, the engineering team tactically arranged the configuration of pipe routes and the waterways, circuit and gas pipelines in the workshop in different layers, installing receivers in good order. A central control station is designed to monitor the whole conveying system through operation panel. There is also a huge LCD, which makes the working state of all machines easily to be known.

In an overall view, the pipes in the whole workshop are arranged in three floors, being in good order. The pipes that pass through the storage tank in the material room, dehumidifying dryers, the material distribution station and the injection molding machine are very clean and tidy.

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