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2020 Quarter 4 Issue 41

2020 Quarter 4 Issue 41 Message from the Chief Editor

Dear Customers and Partners,

In the application of auto proportional mixing of plastic materials, in addition to the commonly used Volumetric Doser SCM and Gravimetric Blender SGB machines on the market, the new product of Shini Proportional Mixer SPM effectively fills the application gap between SCM and SGB, which integrates their advantages and applies to auto proportional mixing of multi-components in the plastic processing. After putting those materials into each hopper of the SPM, it only needs to input the required mix proportion to achieve efficient and straightforward mixing automatically and precisely. We provide four kinds of screws for the customer for actual demands on the market, and they are 12, 16, 30, 40mm respectively. The maximum production capacity of a single screw is up to 90kg/h. The machine can be transformed into three modes, i.e., four-material, three-material, and two-material proportional mixers to meet different process requirements.

Fully Servo Driven Robot ST3/ST5 series is mainly used to take out finished products and sprues during injection molding. Besides, there are single arm and double arms for choosing, and they are applicable for 2-plate mould, 3-plate mould, or hot runner mould. The machine conforms to industrial 4.0 standard, which can realize various special actions, such as arranging, stacking, quality inspection, and embedding. They are available for injection molding machines under the 3600T clamping force.