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2020 Quarter 1 Issue 39

2020 Quarter 1 Issue 39 Message from the Chief Editor

Dear Customers and Partners,

Most of the virgin PET from the material supplier should be in a crystalline condition. Which can be identified by non-transparent white color. In the crystalline condition, the material should be dried for 4~6 hours at temp. of 150~180℃/302~356˚F and dew point of more less than -35℃/-21˚F dehumidifying hot air. Amorphous PET should be crystallized by heating the material above the glass transition temperature (Tg) of 80℃/180˚F and agitating the material during softening status before drying the PET at the higher temperatures. Otherwise, PET will form knots and worst-case sticks to the walls of a drying hopper, resulting in the change of drying hopper. The process of heated amorphous PET to crystallize PET may take up to one hour.

Enterprise automation production has become the global trend of manufacturing industry. Production automation technology is increasingly and widely used in our daily production. With the automation technology becoming more and more mature, customers are no longer satisfied with the simple equipment application in automation, and are looking at higher requirements which require integrating information flow and automation of the whole plant. In order to satisfy our clients’ demand for plastics auxiliary equipment, Shini implements one-stop shopping concept and global marketing strategy to help our clients shorten their procurement time and maximize their profit.

At last, any opinion about View of Shini is welcomed for us to improve the journal and to provide the technology of product and information of industry which you need.

Best regards and wishes!