Technology Management

  • Shini Group introduced both advanced science and technology management concepts which consist of re-design of corporate information system, ERP project, self-developed eLearning system, knowledge management system, transformation of R&D process, re-built of quality control system, introduction of customer training system, product resume design and customer service management system. These reforms will help Shini transfer from production-oriented to technology-oriented, from manufacture to service innovation, from local company to international enterprise.

  • Implementation of ERP System

    When a single enterprise extends to a group, we need a set of management information system to integrate the internal resources and reflect instantly performance of each plant. The idea of implementing ERP system was formed in December 2008. With joint efforts of all members within one year, the system was released in Taiwan and Dongguan Plant on New Year's Day in 2010, and Pinghu Plant on February 1st in 2010.
  • eLearning System

    After more than two years' efforts, we have successfully developed the eLearning System and introduced customer training mechanism. According to the standard of product training courses, we have designed course syllabus ,curriculum content, training materials and recorded training courses. There are now a total of more than 400 courses which consists company profile, product training, production manage ment internal administration and information courses. We will also share the training CD (Chinese and English Version) with domestic and overseas agents. eLearning system brings advantages as fellows.
  • Knowledge Management

    Established over 40 years, Shini Group has accumulated affluent experience in plastics processing industry and introduced knowledge management system to organize, publish and share valuable experience about R&D, quality management, production management,customer service, customer / employee training, product application, marketing, business promotion, exhibition management, and human resources management.