Brand Value

Simple Solution

  • User-oriented:
    on customer service, Shini adopt considerable and flexible ways to meet all kinds of requirements.
    on product design, Shini adheres to user-friendly principle; by improving new technologies to realize design
    humanization to the maximum.
    on business cooperation, Shini provides one-stop experience, and create trustful and friendly long-term 
  • Business Philosophy

    Focusing on particular business, pursuing to be the world leader.
  • Our Vision

    To be an enterprise that satisfies not only the staff and customer, but also the shareholders and the
    society; strive to become the world’s largest “one-stop-shopping” auxiliary equipment and solution supplier.
  • Our Mission

    That is to provide high cost-performance and reliable products as the goal, excellent service and support
    as the basis, sincerely service the world’s plastic industry. At the same time, provide opportunities for both
    the staff and partners.
  • Values

    Talents - 
    people oriented, talents first; always seek talents with eagerness.
    Responsibility - 
    responsibility is more important than ability, get everything done with whole heart, and always take the 
    Satisfaction - 
    Manage to satisfy the employees, customers and shareholders.
    Integrity - 
    Sincerely serves customers and be law-abiding enterprise and citizens.
    Execute - 
    Always make it better in every step and stage, take into actions and report back.
    Innovation - 
    having the global market in mind, innovation is the guarantee of the sustainable development of an 
    Quality - 
    Quality is always the preference which is the duty of every single employee.
    Teamwork - 
    Respect each other, encourage each other, trust each other. When working with the management layer,
    Initiative, thoughtfulness and cooperative are the three important principles.