• Central Material Handling System

    Industrial 4.0 Smart Factory
    Shini group is able to help you on whole plant planning: conveying, drying, dosing temperature control and system cooling, automation and recycling for injection application or extrusion application.больше...
  • PET Preform System

    Central Material Handling System
    Based on its technology strength and experience in auxiliary equipment field, Shini can meet various kinds of demands from plastics conveying, dehumidifying and drying; mould heating and cooling; regrinds recycling to color management. Adopt intelligent energy-saving control technology to monitor the material processing, Shini can provide different solutions according to different requirements from the customers.больше...
  • Medical and Optical System

    PET Preform System
    Recent years has witnessed the innovation of plastic used in medical field that traditional materials can not achieve. The constant increasing medical expense drives the consumer to seek for more efficient way to lower the cost. Then disposable medical parts emerged to replace the disinfectant glass products and now they are widely used in medical field.больше...
  • Extrusion Blow Molding System

    Medical and Optical System
    Blow molding technic is used in the production of hollow thin-walled parts with for thermoplastic materials. The typical products of blow molding are large capacity and the final consumer goods, such as bottles and containers. At present, the most popular materials for blow molding are PE, PP and PVC.больше...
  • Central Cooling System

    Extrusion Blow Molding System
    The central cooling water system is suitable for cooling, maintaining constant temperature and other fields in industrial refrigeration. It adopts centralized control and double-stage cooling, combining parts with the whole and saving energy plus flexibly occupying space. All of these factors render system as the indispensable equipment for improving production efficiency and quality in modern industry.больше...