Центральные водоохладители с воздушным охлаждением - SICC-A-R2

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  • Introduction
    Серия SICC-A применяется для охлаждения форм для уменьшения цикла литья изделий, также они доступны для охлаждения оборудования в целях поддержания нормальной температуры. Кроме того, они подходят для других отраслей промышленности с необходимостью охлаждения.
  • Свойства
    • Modularized design makes it easier to combine module units 1 to 15. Cooling capacity can be enlarged by increasing the number of modules or choose appropriate modules to connect to existing system.

    • The water route of the modules can be linked via linking one module to the inlet/outlet water tube. No need to install the inlet/outlet water tube for each module alone. The soft rubber tube is used to connect the modules, thus it is very convenient to construct.

    • Adopts imported components like scroll compressor, expansion valve which ensure stable performance. The whole unit will not stop due to one module failure.

    • When the whole unit is running, the microcomputer will auto adjust the performance of each module or open / shut respective module unit according to system load. The module unit adopts double compressors and its power adjustable range is enlarged after combination to save up power whenever possible.

    • Wired control system enables the main unit and its controller to be separated from each other.

    • Optional RS485 communication realizes the remote monitoring and network function.