Маятниковый Робот Вертикальной Формовочной Машины SVS

  • Маятниковый Робот Вертикальной Формовочной Машины SVS
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  • Introduction
    робот серии SVS предназначен для быстрого и точного удаления литников из вертикальной формовочной машины и помещения их в гранулятор для переработки.
  • Маятниковый Робот Вертикальной Формовочной Машины SVS
  • Свойства
    • Appearance
      Designed with frame-type style, compact and streamlined appearance.

    • Safety
      Proximity sensors and anti-collision devices are applied to all moving directions in order to provide safety mechanically and electrically.

    • Convenience
      The displacements can be adjusted simply by changing the position limit blocks in easy directions. Air current can be adjusted by the cylinder speed control fitting.

    • Standardization
      All pneumatic accessories, electric accessories, and communication protocols meet the global standards. Interface between injection molding machine and robot is designed to EUROMAP 12, EUROMAP 67 and SPI.

    • User Friendly
      Plug and use industrial connectors achieve simple installation and uninstallation. Extra 4 sets of I/O pins are available for other applications.

    • Intelligence
      Dialogic hand controller provides Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English and Japanese. There are 8 standard programs and memory for up to 80 customized programs with self fault detection.