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Special Reports

2018 Quarter 3 Issue 36

Screenless Granulator SG-2427N

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1.Adopting gear motor of foreign brand, long service life and large transfer torque.

2.Teeth cutters and cutting blades are integrally fitted in one cutting chamber. Regrinds could be used with virgin materials.

3.New-type inclined teeth cutter reduces the possibility of stress concentration, enhance bearing capacity and converts force direction so that cutter lifespan can be prolonged.

4.Motor shaft and rotor shaft are connected by shaft coupling thus ensuring smooth cutting action and convenient motor replacement.

5.When motor blockage occurs, the machine will alarm visibly and enable motor to run reversely. It will return to normal operation automatically after the trouble is clear.

6.European type appearance, compact in size and easy for cleaning and maintenance.

7.Transparent PC feeding hopper.

8.Screenless design, well-proportioned size of regrinds and least amount of dusts. Regrinds could be used with virgin materials.


SG-24N series screen-less granulator is applicable to instant recycling thick, long and resilient sprues and wastes.


1.30-second instant recycling system, regrind conveying via blower & cyclone, dust separator, manual storage bin and full-receiver alarm device.

2.This device utilizes loading blower to convey regrind into the cyclone dust collector to separate the regrind from the air and then the regrind will fall into storage hopper or cloth bag.

3.Dust Separator (DS type) can separate the dust in the regrind for immediate recycle use. The dust will be kept in filter bag, thus working environment will be maintained clean. This device ensures full use of regrind to avoid material wasting and enhance the economical returns.

4.Optional Proportional Valve and full-receiver Alarm Device.

5.Stainless Steel Made Feed Port and Storage tank,add “R” at the end of the model code.

6.Optional different types of Teeth Cutter.