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FAQ - Dosing and Mixing

Model Selection

Please according to the kinds of plastic and output of per hour and their proportion of mixture to choose the suitable model.
The maximum throughput is based on bulk density of the material which is 0.8kg/L when calculating. Augur or micro feed is suitable for ratio between 0.5% and 5%.
The theoretical output of each color (kg/hr) = the throughput of the IMM (kg) ×additional proportion
The actual output of each color (kg/hr) = the theoretical output (kg/hr) /bulk density (kg/L) ×1.2
Please according to the above formula to calculate the actual output of each color and choose the suitable model.
Notes: when choosing, pay attention to the bulk density and the slice size, so as to ensure the maximum throughput and accuracy.

At present, our SPV-U has four different work modes to accomplish multi-layer suction function. But each mode has a certain limitation for the shortest sucking time.
The SAL-UG series has not the multi-layer suction function. Because the SPV-U has got some improvement, but the SAL-1HP-UG have not, so the separate control is needed for getting multi-layer suction function.
SGB-600-4-2R would be OK, which has two screw feeders for the two small components. please take note that the SGB can only process granules.
SGB-200-4-2R would be suitable for it (the hoopper for regrinding needs to install a set of bridge-breaking device). According to our test, the output of this model is only 100kg/hour when scale of PET Sheet reaches up to 70%. We recommend SGB-600-4-2R (the hoopper for regrinding needs to install a set of bridge-breaking device), in conjunction with the auto loader SAL-5HP-UG-124 and hopper SHR-6U-S*3 and SHR-24U-S*1(with bridge-breaking device).
At present, our SCM can't get so big output with 80kg/hr by dosing unit and with 700kg/rh through main unit.

Operational Doubts

80/60 = 1.33kg/min = 133(10g)/min
You should enter the value 133(10g)/min into F-03, simultaneously ensure the unit of F-09 (weight of after 50s test) is same with the F-03 (for this example, it is (10g)/min).
It can work without the blender, just use a plate to cover the hole on the base. The machine also can work without magnetic frame.
The difference between SCM and SCM-E is the different motor and control system.
The controller of SCM-E can control the speed of the motor directly. Customer should test and calculate the needed rotational speed of motor. Please see the instruction for detail.
SCM-D can work alone with any one of them. the control system of each unit is independent.

Trouble Shooting

please confirm if the gear motors on the hopper of SGB-200-4-2R operate. Its function is to solve the powder sticky to go down smoothly. When SGB works with PET flakes, it should equip with a set of bridge-breaking device and remove the material fender below material hopper for flowing smoothly.


The diameter of detecting pipe is just 50mm, the regrinding too big and too much dust to pass through the detecting pipe.
Please use the screen whose hole diameter is less than 8mm and dust separator.
Please note that the unit of F-03 is g/min for extruder while not kg/hr. So the right value of F-03 should be 20000g/min (1200*1000/60=20000g/min). Now you can set the unit of F-09 as 100g, and then the F-09 should be 1.6g and F-03 should be 200g/min.
The main structure is same for every model, that is to say, the different screw can be used in each unit.
The main hopper capacity is about 15 liters.

Other Issues

If calculating with 30 seconds SPV-U switch for one time, the air consumption is about 0.006m<sub>3</sub>/hr.
Of course it can. At the same time, we can enlarge the open scale of the material fender to avoid plugged.

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