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FAQ - Granulating and Recycling

Model Selection

Firstly we should confirm if the max dimension of regrind materials is smaller than the diameter of feed-in port of cutting chamber. The machine is not available if it is larger. Granulators are also selected according to the thickness and hardness of materials besides acceptable dimensions, so as to reach desired throughput capacity and save energy. Lastly, screen mesh should be selected according to particle size of regrind materials and type of model.

Operational Doubts

When the series of SG-14/24motor blockage occurs, the machine will alarm visibly and enable motor reverse running function. It works normally automatically after the trouble is clear. But other series will switch off if the motor blocks. Please don't drop too large material into small-type granulators.

Trouble Shooting

Please check whether the value of Thermal overload relay was less than normal. Adjust it as 1.1 times as the rated current of the motor.
The size of fixed blade for SG-16 is 68.5x24x5, while that of SG-20 is 69.5x25x8.

Other Issues

There is not function of water spray in SG-50, but cutting chamber designs a cooling function.
The belt material is PVC. The maximum capacity of SV3 is 70kg. Motor powder is 200W and its brand is JSCC, which is single-phase motor. The conveying speed of belt can be adjusted in 0~6m/min.

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