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FAQ - Feeding and Conveying

Model Selection

Safety margin of 20% should be considered when selecting specific models.
Conveying distance and shape of materials should be taken into account.
If the distance is in the range of our standard test and the shape is similar to the tested material, we can ensure that the throughout can reach the output of the catalog indicated.
Yes, standard models can meet this application, customers could choose suitable loaders according to capacity and conveying distance. It is suggested to use conveying pipe made from stainless steel.
SAL-UG series powder loader is mainly used to convey powder material, due to the specialty of powder whose diameter is very small, powdr receiver of SHR-P-U equip with filter with high filter accuracy. To convey material contained powder less than 30%, it is possible to use receiver with bag or plate filter; To convey material contained powder more than 30%, it has to use receivers with plate filter.

Operational Doubts

SAL-UG can work together with SPV-U whose control box is no need. Stand model of SAL-UG reserve a port(matched with port of SPV-U) is used to control SPV-U, customer only needs to adjust one parameter of F-02 in SAL-UG, for example, ratio of virgin and recycled material is 1:1, F-02 can be set at 50.

Trouble Shooting

This alarm means that filter went to be blocked, it prompts that customer needs to clean the filter or check compressed air.


ACF-1 designed as a optional part, which was installed on the return air way, its main function is to seperate dust from air, to reduce capacity of dust entering into main filter, to decrease cleaning time of main filter. It can separate the dust from the air by cyclone action.

Other Issues

There is little impact on machine if conveying pipe is made from stainless steel, but it can not be installed with curve.
Our standard material of spring can’t reach food grade now.
There is a contactor on the carbon brush motor of this old PCB SAL-U, it should be removed when used. We have a detail introduction on ePaper issue 03.

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