Welcome the Students from Dongguan Institute of Technology to Visit Shini

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On September 18th, 2019, more than 50 students from the mechanical engineering department of Dongguan Institute of Technology visited Dongguan Shini.

After their arrival, our professional lecturer from the technology marketing department gave them a training class about our equipment and technology, as well as a series of products.

Then, the students looked around the company guided by the staff that made them understand the business model of the enterprise.


Later, the students entered the workshop led by professional technicians from the production department, in order to understand the production process of the mechanical equipment better.

During the visit, the students were very interested about the contents, and raised many questions from time to time.

Also, our technicians answered their questions one by one patiently, and gave them the chance to operate the machines personally on site, so that them can see directly and know the products clearly.

After visiting the workshop, our staff led the students to the intelligent showroom, and the teacher introduced the working process of the smart workshop to them step by step.

Their visits ended as the lecture was over, and the showroom was filled with the applauses of the students who concluded relevant knowledge obtained in this study at last.

They said they really appreciated the company’s strategy layout and admired the researchers who were dedicated to the technology research.

Moreover, the students expressed their sincere thanks for the open exchange activity and the warm welcome of the company. It was a win-win activity for both schools and enterprises.

As the leading enterprise in machinery industry, our company will continue to practice advanced enterprise values, and implement its social responsibilities while accelerating the company and social economic development.

Students are the future builders of our country, and we are welcoming more students from other colleges and universities to visit Shini.

Moreover, we hope the students can develop in an all-round way in campus through this study to become the talents in the near future!