The 2019 Annual National Branch Marketing Meeting of Shini Group

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The 2019 is drawing to an end, and the brand new 2020 is coming to us! On December 13, the distributors of Shini branches across the country gathered in the famous historical and cultural city — Nanchang of Jiangxi, and attended the 2019 annual national branch marketing meeting in the Hampton Hotels near the Ganjiang River. The meeting summarized the business performance of the 2018, and made the plan of 2019, including the Group’s president addressing, performance review, products report and expected goal.

The Group’s president addressing

The picture of president addressing

At the beginning of the meeting, president Kenny Wu expressed his warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the distributors coming from afar. He pointed out that the 2019 was a hard year. In this year, the global economic growth was slowing down that shook the investors’ confidence in real enterprises. It directly affected the group’s business performance and Group’s turnover reduced on year-on-year basis. Although the economic situation was not good, the whole Group’s operation still went well, which grew healthily, stably and consistently. So, here, I wanted to thank all of you for your efforts! In 2019, we continued to promote Shini brand to the world through various means that achieved good results, and implemented the WMS system, PLM system and CRM system, thus greatly improving the management efficiency and reducing the administrative costs by informatization.

The sFactory 4.0 showroom of intelligent injection plant has been set up in Dongguan Shini plant and displayed in many large exhibitions since its establishment, which was still approved by the viewers in 2019. This plan took the whole plant planning as main subject that integrated the central material system, central water processing system, power distribution system, gas source processing, automation solution, sLink data acquisition technology, energy consumption monitoring, MES service and reliable software and hardware services, providing customers with a complete set of molding plant "intelligent manufacturing" plan. President Wu also mentioned that 2019 is a milestone of Shini’s development, and we held a grand celebration of the 50th anniversary in Donguan operation area of Shini Group. Colleagues and friends from all over the world witnessed this glorious moment, which was also the glory of every Shini member. We believe that Shini will be sure to create a more brilliant 50 years in the next 50 years!

Performance review and product report
In the first half of the meeting was the performance report of each plant and performance review of each branch, and the second half of the meeting was the marketing report, all series product report and the system plan report.


Pictures of reporters from each branch

At the end of the meeting, Deputy General Manager Chen Sifan announced the Group's performance goals and market development direction of the 2020.

Picture of addresser Chen Sifan

Travel Activity
On December 13th, the company arranged the members to travel to Nanchang to thank for their hard workings in the past year!