Visiting the Enterprise to Study, and Focusing On the Future to Achieve NewProgress

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To heighten the cooperation between universities and enterprises and help the intelligent manufacturing professional groups of universities to develop, our Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering Dept. of Grade 20 have carried out a number of activities recently and held the signing ceremony with Shini Plastics Technologies (Dongguan), Inc. in Guancheng campus of Dongguan University Of Technology On Nov.22nd. The two parties signed a three-year strategic cooperation framework agreement between universities and enterprises in the ceremony. General Manager Kenny Wu was issued the Appointment Letter of Tutor in the industry. Later, the Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering Dept. organized all the students of Grade 20 to visit the Shini Plastics Technologies (Dongguan), Inc. on the morning of Dec.4th for study.

On that day, led by the dean Chen Shangyan, nearly 70 teachers and students divided into five groups entered the Shini Plastics Technologies (Dongguan), Inc. With the title of "Practice and Exploration of Intelligent Manufacturing in the Assembly Manufacturing Industry," the assistant General Manager Bill Que introduced Shini Group to the students and each production department in detail. Then, he led the students to visit the future factory. Finally, the chief engineer Gavin Bai gave the students a lecture on "An Introduction to Intelligent Factory Application." In the lecture, Gavin shared his technology progress and his psychological growth in the intelligent manufacturing field to the students and his introduction of many application scenarios that make the plant transformation to industry 4.0. available in the future. Having been encouraged and inspired, the students said that they had learned a lot of new knowledge in the lecture, which would greatly help improve their life and study in the future.

This visit built a learning platform for the students. It reinforced their understandings of the importance of combining theoretical knowledge with work practice. We will continue to strengthen students' knowledge of the industry, stimulate their learning enthusiasm, lead professional learning and boost professional development by introducing enterprises into teaching in expert lectures, enterprise visiting, and practice in the industry.