【Shini Group】Is Stepping Towards the "New" Progress with Integrative Solution and Mutual Trust

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We've recently brought some good news that Shini has reached several contracts and agreements with BYD Group (hereinafter referred to as BYD) of the plastics auxiliary equipment beside the injection molding machine, totaling about 120 million RMB. 

Founded in February 1995, BYD possesses global business layouts. It has entered the electronics, automobiles, new energy, and rail transit industries through 20 years' fast development, which has played an important role in these fields. Especially for new-energy vehicles, BYD has achieved remarkable achievement and rapid growth. Shini has long been the partner and kept close partnership with BYD in many businesses. It has cooperated with BYD in plastics auxiliary equipment such as dehumidifying Dryer, high-temperature controller, robot, industrial water chiller, centralized material processing system, large granulating and recycling system, etc. It will effectively enhance plastics molding's reliability, automation, and intelligence. 

Since in 1969, Shini has experienced 52 years' development. Now, it can offer eight series of products through constant exploration and progression, covering plastic material processing (dehumidifying and drying, conveying and mixing, etc.), mould temperature control, water treatment (cooling water and chilled water system), plastics recycling, robot, hot runner and systematic solution, as well as the whole molding processes. In the future, the era driven by the data is coming toward us, and the data from production and equipment will push forward informatization's progress. At present, Shini is active in outputting the Smart Injection Molding Plant to the market that can provide a complete solution of intelligent and integrated auxiliary equipment of the whole plant based on digitization and informatization. Besides, the auxiliary equipment can match the systematic plans to develop in-depth and expand in scope, providing the market with one-stop, practical, and straightforward solutions.