Congratulations on Establishment of Shini-Syncro Extrusion Process Control (Dongguan), Inc

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At present, Chinas annual sales volume of extrusion equipment is over 8,000 sets, approximately 30 million RMB, including 10 percent of auxiliary equipment amounting to 0.3 billion RMB. Annual import volume of extrusion equipment is over 2,000 sets with 2 billion RMB, including 30 percent of auxiliary equipment amounting to 0.6 billion RMB. Imported equipments are mainly large scale and elaborated extrusion machines, and their unit prices are 8~10 times of the domestic counterparts. The additional value is obviously higher than domestic equipments. The reason why these imported extrusion machines enter the Chinese market with high price is that they mainly rely on such technological advantages as high precision, high speed of operation, high efficiency and high reliability.
To satisfy enormous market demand in domestic areas, Shini group joined with Italian Syncro Corporation on September 1st to establish Shini-Syncro Extrusion Process Control (Dongguan), Inc., which is planning to supply extrusion technologies for the manufacturers of the mainland and Asian regions.
Corporate President Kenny Wu of Shini group held the post of Executive Director and Gabriele Caccia, General Manager of Italian Syncro Corporation assumed the office of CEO. A senior engineer appointed by Syncro would come to enforce the technological service. New Incorporation at early stage mainly strived to sales, training and technological service.
Main products include the following series:
• Extrusion amount control, Weight / meter
Specific products include gravimetric blender equipped with yield gram or weight/meter controller, loss-in-weight metering device and loss-in-weight blender.
• Cooling air ring in blowing film industry
Specific products include medium-sized dual-air inlets cooling air ring, automatic cooling air ring with function of adjusting air quantity and Internal Bubble Cooling (IBC) inner-cooling system of improving film output and quality.
• Online thickness film measuring system
Specific products include loop type thickness gauge of measuring bubble thickness (Condenser / Optics), horizontal thickness gauge of rolling flow of films (Condenser / Optics / Varied rays).
• The monitoring and automatic controlling system of membrane thickness on extrusion assembly line.
The monitoring and controlling system include the monitoring of material proportioning, temperature monitoring of extrusion areas, and total amount controlling, automatic cooling air ring with function of adjusting air quantity controlling, Internal Bubble Cooling (IBC) inner-cooling system and online thickness film measuring. The integration of these controlling can limit thickness error within 4 percents.
By means of specific products mentioned above, the new Corporation expects to occupy a certain volume of the market share so as to devote much more contributions for Asian clients with respect to the transition from low precision, low output and low additional value to high precision, high output and high additional value.
Future Plans
Firstly, during months of Sep. and Oct., a series of trainings would be arranged for Asian agents in Donguan or Pinghu Shini if they showed interests in domestic and overseas business, which enabled salesmen to the catalogues, applications and selections of Shini-Syncro Extrusion Control, Inc so that they could recommend corresponding products to clients with familiar introductions.
At second stage, the process of forming one or multi-clients order development will be accelerated to establish a typical project for the promotion of technology of domestic engineers and salesmen.
At third stage, the well-trained domestic engineers and salesmen would dedicate their technologies and abilities to occupy market share and expand business advertisement.
At final stage, since the domestic engineers have been working along with the English-speaking Italian colleagues, it was not difficult for them to communicate with domestic and overseas agents with fluent spoken English. Therefore, they may continue to expand foreign business by relying on technologies and communicational skills.
Contact Information
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Tel: +86-0769-82677669
Fax: +86-0769-82677663
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