New brand image shines at CHINAPLAS 2013

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Date:May 20th- 23rd, 2013

Venue:China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex

Theme: The Future is in Plastics and Rubber

Exhibits: Equipments for plastic and rubber, processing equipments for rubber and quality detecting instruments, plastic products plus plastic films, industrial chemicals for rubber processing, auxiliary materials, molds and accessories for rubber processing, rubber and plastic products.

Introduction: CHINAPLAS has been admitted one of the most influential plastic exhibitions in this filed. It has a long history since the opening year 1983 and till now it has been held for 27 times successfully. To date, CHINAPLAS has grown into Asia's first and world's second international plastic and rubber industrial exhibition, to provide opportunities of information exchanging for all plastic relevant fields globally and a platform enterprises and corporations striving to expand or consolidate China and Asia markets.

New Product Launch

Before the exhibition, on May 19th, the technology marketing department of Shini group held a new product releasing conference, giving all the agents domestically and overseas a fully understanding of the new products which would appear in the show. The conference was a success with about 50 agents and distributors' participation. They were informed the new products and products developed and knew definitely how to promote them to the customers.

The conference was organized and held by our marketing department and all presentations were edited and prepared by our senior technical engineer in which strong points had been highlighted and lots of videos and dynamic demonstrations had been given. The conference was highly approved and praised by the attendees.


Activities held simultaneously each year was also a focus in the industry. After the future zone and future automobile showed lasted year, construction industry has been one key focus for CHINAPLAS 2013. China has the world's largest market for construction industry with 2 billion square meter floor areas added each year, among which over 80% are high energy consumption constructions. Therefore, the energy conservation and emission reduction in building industry is more and more important. This time, the exhibitions gathered powerful line-ups from domestically and overseas, setting up showcases and holding exchanging activities, from which visitors can feel and learn the environmental-friendliness, excellent lighting and architectural aesthetic of the plastic building materials. Plastics and rubber were surely to continue to shine in construction fields.

In addition, on May 19, one day before the official start of CHINAPLAS 2013, a conference to discuss "International Quality Partnership and Social Responsibility in Plastics Processing" was held, with a twin focus on quality OEM partnership as well as responsible and environmentally friendly packaging for industrial, consumer goods and food applications. The OEM development forum was focused on consumer electronics and home appliances with the topic of how to provide useful solutions for OEM partnership by creative materials and processing techniques. And the environmental packaging forum was focused on how to select and make use of advanced packaging material to enhance convenience and safety and in succession greatly decrease environmental load and efficiently implement social responsibility.


New Look, A Different Shini

Shini group chose this exhibition as the best time to release its fire-new brand image to the visitor from all around the world. Highlighted in its brand value of "Simple Solution", together with technical rationality and precise, Shini presented its high-end positioning of products and its industrial characteristics. On the site, from the style of booth construction to the image of the staff, from the appearances of the products to the modification of deeper functional design and operation methods, the core brand value "Simple Solution" was always there, easily shown and feel. This time, Shini brought not simply visual impact, but also one expectation for the future, to leap forward and self-transcend.


Precision and Automation

With the releasing of new brand image, Shini also brought its latest products from which we can see the powerful R & D capacity. Gravimetric doser SGB, Loss-in-weight feeder SLWF, a full system of automation picking and packing equipments, as well as side entry robot SSE are all presented at the show which all spoke volumes for the advanced technology Shini had achieved in precision and automation.

Full-automatic Picking and Packing System Solution

Usually, labor amount is a huge in plastic products processing. In a time that labor cost is always increasing, how to efficiently save labor cost and make full use of current equipments is an important problem confronting the manufacturers. Full-automatic solutions are inevitable because they can greatly reduce the number of workers in the products processing and in success reduce labor cost. This time, Shini strongly launched its full set of automatic picking and packing system. This system is three axes servo driven robot collocated with osculum fixture to pick out and place the products on special equipments, then with the help of pneumatic arm, the products enter into the packing machine to be packed and then be sent out through conveyor.

Application of Precise Gravimetric Dosing Technology

Gravimetric doser showed this time combine material feeding and loss-in-weight metering into one single unit. Adopt advance loss-in-weight metering technology, the feeding process can be monitored and together with the optimized feeding screw assembly, SGD series doser can meet very high precision requirements. This series are mainly applied in precise dosing of masterbatch and additives, especially in applications of micrometric dosing, they are highly stable. In addition, SGD series dosers can automatically monitor the dosing situation of mastetbatch or additives; also it can be connected to controller through Ethernet and features data save function which is free from power failure.

Application Hungry Feeding Technology

SLWF series feeders adopt loss-in-weight metering device together with vertical screw to feed, PLC and transducer to control and real-time detection of dosing to fill the molding screw incompletely, thus to achieve hungry feeding. Several feeders can be combined to achieve accurate dosing of multiple materials.

New Tech in Automation

A brand new robot was promoted at the show. SSE-1600 side entry robot, with traverse stroke of 1600mm, is mainly applied to pick products from injection molding machine with clamping force under 600 tons, thin-wall molding and molding cycle within 6 seconds. For its side pick structure, this series robot greatly shortens the picking time and greatly improve production efficiency. Separate design and optimized structure make it a compact model which can be easily applied in workshops with height limit. What's more, separate installation from injection molding machine can avoid frequency interfere caused by the mechanical vibration between molding machine and robot.

Extrusion Control Technology

The joint venture company Shini-Syncro showed its eaSYroto+eaSYmex oscillating ring plus gauging system, SYline-S-Master loss in weight hopper and eaSYbatch-S-4 gain in weight batch blender.

eaSYroto+eaSYmex oscillating ring plus gauging system is a circular thickness measuring control system for bubble with fold diameter less than2800mm.

SYline-S-Master loss in weight hopper is mainly made up of two parts, vacuum hopper and loss in weight hopper. It is suitable for extrusion control applications of pipe, sheet or film with maximum throughput of300kg/hr.

eaSYbatch-S-Master series blender is suitable for gravimetric dosing of multi-component materials in extrusion control processing. By controlling the speed of extrusion screw and pull roll, a constant throughput and gram/meter can be achieved with maximum throughput of 260kg/hr.