Shini Dongguan established Precision Lost Wax Casting Section

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In order to improve the parts quality and product delivery ratio, as well as recycling the stainless steel scrap, shini Dongguan established precision lost wax casting section in February 2012.
Lost wax casting has characteristics and advantages which conventional molding processes (such as precision casting, forging, mechanical cutting, etc.) do not have, This kind of molding process can be used not only for parts which are thin, with complex shape or decorative pattern, difficult processed or cut, but also parts with net form, expensive materials or several parts integrated.
In 2012, Shini plans to make 18 dewaxing parts as its own products. Subsequently Shini will continue to reform its stainless steel parts processing technology from welding or NC machining technology into the lost wax casting technique. After that, training of technical ability will be unfolded between the employees. In the near future, high quality homemade lost wax castings will be provided for all its branch factories.