Rights Defending: A Long Way to Go

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1.Shini—the Rise of "China's Biggest Plastic Auxiliary Equipment Brand "

Developed from a Taiwanese enterprise to a international famous brand which owns 6(1) manufacturing bases globally; from manufacturing of electrical thermal components to comprehensive auxiliary equipments including drying & dehumidifying, feeding & conveying, dosing & mixing, heating & cooling, granulating & recycling, systematic solution, automation solution and hot runner system; from a pure-play company to one of the globally biggest enterprises of auxiliary equipment manufacturing; Shini made its leap-forward achievement in technology and brand promotion. For 43 years, Shini stood out from a situation that almost all the high-end plastic auxiliary equipments are monopolized by foreign enterprises and became the leader of domestic auxiliary equipment industry.

In recent years, Shini constantly expanding its sales network and its products are sold worldwide. By now, Shini already established sales and service branches in major cities of China and distribution and service location also spread all over Asia, European, America, Africa and Middle East. Moreover, branches and warehouses established in Poland and North America had been providing localized services for European and America.

The achievements Shini obtained today is all in all derived from the huge resources input and all works which had been done on product development, market expanding, brand construction and internal administrative control. In addition, as the leading brand of China's auxiliary equipments, Shini cooperated with a well known Italian company and incorporated a new company named Shini-Syncro extrusion process control, Inc. and marched into the plastic periphery industry.

For over 40 years of trials and hardships, Shini has won the title of Guangdong famous trademark and Shini products had been named famous brand products of Guangdong province. What more, Shini had also taken its leadership position in domestic plastic auxiliary equipment industry.

2.Increase Brand Construction for the Trademark Protection

agent in Zhuhai, Guangdong combines a factory to copy the catalog, website design, publicity material of SHINI. Especially, they use similar brands and copy appearance design and patented products of SHINI for sales. They use poor quality products to mislead customers, and even declare that it is the famous brand in Guangdong. In view of this serious act of tort, we not only cancel its agent qualification, but also take legal measures. Intermediate People's Court in Zhongshan, Guangdong pronounced that the defendant have damaged SHINI's rights, and ordered them to stop such infringement and compensate SHINI for the losses.

In April, 2009, SHINI found out that the defendant appointed a people named Mingchun, Wang to register a company named "SHINIFA ELECTRIC HEATERS CO., LTD", and entrusted a local network company to publish web on the internet. In order to achieve the purpose of selling the counterfeit products, they publicized their products by mobile loudspeakers and a brand similar to SHINI. What's more, their staffs also wore the same SHINI suits and used SHINI business card and permission card in factory. Especially, they used quotation and sales contract by impersonating a branch company of SHINI Group. After our company's prosecution, Dalang Administrative Bureau for Industry and Commerce ordered the seizure of counterfeit products in October 2009.

In view of the fact that many companies and persons take advantage of SHINI brand to publicize and sell products now, all customers and SHINI's agents should not buy low-quality and low-price products in case that suffer heavy losses without compensation. At the same time, we must remind companies and persons without permission to stop such illegal actions. Otherwise, you will be heavily punished by law.

Shini Won another Two Intellectual Property Cases

In 2008, "SHINI" was titled as "Well-known Brand" in Guangdong Province, and Shini Company was identified as "High-tech Enterprise" by the local government. It has established more than 70 nationwide sales locations and expanded business to more than 50 countries and regions such as Europe, America, Middle East, and Oceania and so on. It also has built friendly cooperation with many celebrated enterprises and purchasers. The unworthy defendants involved in these two intellectual property rights cases were originally agents of Shini. Taking advantage of Shini brand to establish platform for themselves, they sold fake products affixed with "SHINI" labels or labels similar to "SHINI" to confuse consumers which was a serious and severe violation to Shini and its customers, and also harmed the credibility of Shini brand. It was because of their continuous unbearable imitation that Shini filed several intellectual property rights lawsuits. Up to mid-April 2010, Shini has received judgments continually all in favor of its party.

According to verdict from Guangdong High Court and Zhongshan Court, one document said that "SHINI" is recognized counterpart of its Chinese brand name which has great reputation in Guangdong province. "SHITD" used characters of the same font size with Chinese brand name of "SHINI" which brought confusion and invaded the exclusive right of Shini using both English and Chinese brand name of "SHINI". It was forced to stop using its logo and pay compensation to Shini. Another document said that Shini has the exclusive right to use the patented appearance design of SD-H, so the SD machines this unworthy company sold to certain company in Zhuhai was in accordance with the protection scope of the above patent which was obvious infringement. This company was sentenced to immediately stop the sales of this patented product and destroy the stocks.

Mr. Qi, a lawyer from Guangdong Lantianzhu Law Firm who is in charge of the case said that as for a rapidly developing company and taking a lading position in domestic auxiliary equipment industry like Shini, the decision of defending against trademark infringement is very correct thing to do and admit of no delay. For now, they are counterfeit trademark, counterfeit production and selling. With the time goes on, other new tricks of rights defending will come out. For a long time, Shini has suffered from unscrupulous operators counterfeiting SHINI brand with many identical or similar trade marks, products as well as websites, which poses severe damage to SHINI brand's reputation. We expect that all the distributors and customers maintain vigilance and recognize the genuine SHINI website: www.shini.com.

Triumph for Shini Appealed Intellectual Property Cases

Directing at the infringe upon Shini product patent and the counterfeit of Shini product, Shini group have been taking such counterattacks toward two Zhongshan factories as submitting application of retrieving to Industrial and Commercial Bureau, requesting famous websites to suspend data release about infringing products and appealing to court for economic losses.

Currently, the verdict of three Intellectual Property Infringe cases appealed by Shini have been successfully executed, which exerts a significant influence on building Shini brand strategy. On one hand, the violated infringe behaviors receive legal sanctions so that Shini corporate image can be protected and interests of consumers safeguarded. On the other hand, Shini is gradually reinforcing the brand protection at the same of ensuring product quality and product advertising. In near future, Shini is expected to be the most reliable and valuable brand of domestic plastics auxiliary equipments manufacturing industry.

Note1: Chongqing Shini Plastics Technologies, inc., the sixth Shini factory, is under construction currently and will be put into production in 2014.