Shini Successfully Closed Annual Meeting of Domestic Distributors

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Winter snow signifies a year of good crops in the harvest season. On 16th, Dec. 2010, Shini group ushered in Annual Meeting of domestic sole distributors, which come to a successful closing in Shini Pinghu factory. There are altogether 44 persons attending the meeting, including management leaders of Shini branches and representatives of distributors.
Firstly, Mr Kenny, General Manager of Shini group, made the welcoming address and reviewed the achievements in the past year. Mr. Kenny also expressed his gratitude for distributors’ support and looked forwards to the outlook in 2011. The speech of Kenny received a big hand and pushed the meeting to a new high.
The meeting also has seen the reports and plans concerning past and next year of Shini branches. Compared to the corresponding period in 2009, sales have grown up by 57% in Shini Dongguan and 104% up for Shini PInghu, 42% for Shini Taibei. Sales in 2011 will be estimated to grow at 20% rate. Afterwards, distributors made a summary on the sales in 2010, which showed that obvious growth has been achieved. Guests shared their successful cases and put forward precious advice for Shini group, such as how to advance goods supply, improve after-sale service, ensure good quality, analyze market dynamic, as well as what kind of new products will be launched nest year.
The annual meeting convened all outstanding sales personnel and tightened cooperation among distributors. Thus we are firmly confident that Shini would make a breakthrough in next year, along with the huge gains next year from distributors!
After the meeting, a three days tour to The Thousand Islands in Hangzhou has been arranged for participants from 17 th-19 th, Dec. The tour marks the closing of 2010 Annual meeting.