Shini & Yizumi Reach the Agreement on American Market

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Mr. Flickinger, the CEO of HPM North America Corporation, a subsidiary of Yizumi, visited Shini Group(Dongguan) on June 7th, 2014. He discussed with us the issue about American market sales preliminary and reached the agreement of the cooperation. The negotiation firmly determined the foundation of win-win principle for both company in American market. 

Mr. Flickinger has visited the metal sheet processing, production assembly, demonstration of robot simulation and production workshop facilities, etc. He also communicated with the accompanied members before product series in Shini exhibition hall and shared his market expanding experiences. 

After Mr. Flickinger knew about the products and related production & assembly equipments, he has great faith in Shini production ability and products. Besides, he agrees Shini on the investment and effort on quality pursuing and technology improvement. Therefore, he expressed his willingness of cooperating with Shini and approved of managing & marketing with Shini under the win-win principle.