Shini Counterfeit Query System Online

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To all dearest agents and customers of Shini:

For counterfeit products of our company existed on market these days, we found the fake products may contain potential danger due to the poor quality. In order to protect the rights and interests of our agents and customers, guard our brand equity, Shini is going to launch the counterfeit query online system officially. On the initial date of October 15th (refer to the issuing date), all the agents and customers please search on the system for counterfeit query confirmation.

Query Method

1. Enter Shini official website( and input the product’s serial number (as below).

2. Scan the QR code, enter the query interface and input the product’s series number (as below):


Query Result:

1. Notice as “There is no the code in the database” means it’s fake ( as below).


2. Notice as “The first time to Query, is salable product.” means it’s real (as below).

3. Notice as” It has been repeatedly query, maybe a sham product.”, please contact the factory for further confirmation.