Shini Held the 45th Anniversary Celebration

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June 19th, 2014 is the 45th founding anniversary of Shini Group. In the afternoon of June 20th, Shini (Dongguan) held a fun games celebration under the principle of “frugality economy & ceremony enthusiastic” and with the title of “compete courageously & make progress hand in hand”. This sports meeting has received active supports from employees. The spot contained with festival atmosphere.

The 45th anniversary fun games was opening at 1:00 pm the date of 20th.

Shini Group president Mr. Wu made the address to the sport before celebration opening. In the address, he made delicate and concise description of Shini’s growth and progress, and gave full approvals to whole Shini members. Soon afterwards, Peggy divided the birthday cakes into pieces and shared the sweet cakes with all Shini members. Meanwhile, whole members sang Shini songs to celebrate her birthday. After the beginning, representatives of athletes and referees took their oaths to the activity. Then fun games competition started officially.