Shinzo Hot Runner System, Ltd Established

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Shini group established hot runner department in November, 2008. Based on the powerful electrical heating technology, the department hired industrial elites to develop hot runner system and until now, the performance of hot runner department has been excellent and the pace forward has been fast always
Hot runner system integrates molding machine, plastic material, molds, and auxiliary equipments as well as heating elements altogether. It is one technology which can save not only energy, but also material and time. The products are also diversified, varies from articles of everyday use, medical devices to 3C products. The plastic materials can be differentiated by the fluidity, corrosivity, temperature or with glass fiber fire-proofing agent contains.
The leaders of Shini group know definitely how important hot runner is and think highly of it. They figure out that only with meeting all the requirements including research and development, product innovation, employee training, timeliness of quotations and delivery, precision of spare parts, QC and shipment, products appearance and quick-response after-sales service, etc, can Shini hot runner win good reputation. In order to leap forward and have its own place in this industry, a cooperation company named Shinzo Hot Runner System, Ltd. is founded on the basis of the former hot runner department.
The new workshop of Shinzo hot runner system, ltd is officially put into use on Nov, 5th, 2012. The main products are hot runner systems, temperature controller, timing controller, heating elements, etc. With outstanding talents and high precise machining and testing equipments, as well as the impeccable system and training, Shinzo is ready to serve all the customers.