Solemn Declaration

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Shini Group has established the following 5 factories:
Taiwan-Taipei Shini Plastics Technologies, Inc.
Guangdong-Dongguan Shini Plastics Technologies (Dongguan), Inc.
Zhejiang-Ningbo Shini Plastics Technologies (Ningbo), Inc.
Zhejiang-Pinghu Shini Plastics Technologies, Inc.
India-Mumbai Shini Plastics Technologies, (India) Inc.
Since 1969, SHINI started from small scale business of electric equipments. After 40 years’ down-to-earth experience, SHINI has developed by leaps and bounds, now SHINI Group is mainly specialized in R&D, manufacturing and sales of auxiliary equipments and system solutions. SHINI has not only established distribution and service centre in major domestic cities, but also has expanded to more than 50 oversea countries. ”SHINI” is a reliable and excellent brand in plastic industry.
At present, SHINI has three factories in mainland China which respectively are Shini Plastics Technologies (Dongguan), Inc., Shini Plastics Technologies (Ningbo), Inc. and Shini Plastics Technologies (China), Inc. We firmly reiterate that SHINI only has above three factories. However, for a long time, unscrupulous operators were counterfeiting SHINI brand with many identical or similar trade marks, products as well as websites, which poses severe damage to SHINI brand’s reputation. Until now, we have received many customer complaints regarding the purchase of counterfeit or inferior products.
In order to protect the interests of both the company and the customers, hereby, Shini Plastics Technologies (Dongguan), Inc., we solemnly reiterate that any loss incurred due to the purchase of counterfeit and inferior products has nothing to do with the company. We hope you could recognize full name of the company: Shini plastics Technologies (Dongguan), Inc. Shini Plastics Technologies (Ningbo), Inc. in Daxie Development District, Ningbo, Zhejiang and Shini Plastics Technologies (Zhejiang), Inc. in Pinghu, Zhejiang, in addition, we have set up distribution and service center in major domestic industry cities. For any further information, you could log on our website or consult with domestic service hot line 800-999-3222 free of charge.
For companies appears with the name of Shini on the internet:
Shini FA Plastics Technologies, Inc.
Shini Plastics Technologies (Zhongshan City), Inc., Shini Plastics Technologies (Zhongshan City), Inc., Shini Plastics Technologies (Guangdong Province), Inc., Shini Plastics Technologies (Guangdong), Inc., Shini Plastics Technologies (Dongguan City), Inc.,
Shini Plastics Technologies (Shenzhen) Inc.,  Shini Plastics Technologies Trading Group
We solemnly declare that these analogue company names neither belong to Shini Group, nor its branches or distributor. We expect that all the customers shall recognize the genuine SHINI brand lest you will be deceived by counterfeit or inferior products which may cause you unnecessary economic loss.
We reserve the right of claim.
Thank you for you kind attention!
Shini Plastics Technologies, Inc.