View of Shini Issue 22

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In order to have low dew-point and drying temperature air from Shini mold sweat dehumidifier as well as to adopt smaller mold dehumidifier in same working conditions, higher market competitiveness, we decide to improve the mold sweat dehumidifier.

Teflon coating is a kind of unique coating which possesses the comprehensive advantage that other coatings can’t compete with. Especially for its excellent non-stick property, Teflon coating applied in many fields all displayed good performance. Shini also introduced this coating in Gravimetric Blender SGB as well to cope with the special applications. For detailed information about the coating, please refer to this View of Shini.

Stability, accuracy, fast speed and reliability are the key words of excellent robot. Shini has developed the whole series of the robots based on these words. Hot runner mold applications with short injection molding cycle: the products of in mold labeling system, high speed series, super high speed series are customers’ best choices.  

In addition, any opinions about View of Shini are welcome for us to improve the journal and to provide the technology of product and information of industry which you need.