View of Shini the 5th Anniversary Impression

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June 19th is the 45th birthday anniversary of Shini. At the special moment, magazine View of Shini has made the satisfactory period for its first 5 years.

View of Shini has created the precedent of plastics auxiliary magazine within enterprise.

It transmits technology and enterprise brand information, broadcasts enterprise spirit, strengthens enterprise cohesion and propagandizes the enterprise to publicity to let the society know Shini in details.

Start: information and experience sharing

In 2009, a new challenge set before marketing members of Shini Group——Shini determined to create the first plastics auxiliary magazine within enterprise which in charged by Editing & Publication section.

It was a glorious mission, but there were lots of difficulties before editors who without experiences of publishing enterprise magazine. Therefore, actions had been taken intensively——editorial commission was founded to take suggestion from enterprise management level, define the magazine purpose, issuing object, style and thinking, distribution channel and article source etc. Everyone holds the full enthusiasm and devoted themselves to create the copy of professional enterprise magazine.

September in 2009, by printing of the initial delivered articles, the View of Shini finally came out and attracted tens of thousands eye light.  

View of Shini holds the purpose to share latest news, products information and experience. It publishes new plastics auxiliary innovated technology in time, and communicates with the customers actively about plastics auxiliary applications.

Development: the sharing for understanding improvement

View of Shini mainly divided into sections of technology, management, experience sharing, the brand and the news.

The technology section, it shares Shini latest plastics auxiliary R&D and technology application, new products on market and improvement; the management section, it shares

enterprise management experience and management principle; the experience sharing section, it shares the customer’s applications and professional solutions which brought by advanced sales person and application technician; the brand section, it shares Shini brand building and management achievement; the news section, it shares the information of enterprise latest news and development direction.

The new magazine View of Shini quickly attracted lots of readers and the circle’s attention. At the same time, it published on internet and more then 6,000 members has registered on global internet.

Future: tell story of the excellent brand to the field

During the 5 years, the influence about View of Shini has been increased day by day. A part of its articles had been published on China Plastics & Rubber, International Plastics Market, Modern Plastics etc. which are mainstream magazines in plastics industry. From distributor to customer, from engineer to the colleagues, this magazine is known and expected by more and more people.

During the journey about View of Shini, the 5 years just a start of its development. The View of Shini has always been in full enthusiasm and confidence from the beginning. It will provide readers with views of rich and broad knowledge to renew the exploration of plastics auxiliary, and enjoy the joyfulness brought by technology together with them.

5 years so, 5 years later versa.