Shini plans to unveil its new brand image at Chinaplas2013

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2013 is a historical year for Shini. To keep up with market development, Shini, as the global leading manufacturer of plastic auxiliary equipments, is planning to unveil its fire-new brand image at Chinaplas2013. Focusing on the concept of simple, the new brand image laid stress on the core brand value "Simple Solution" and together with technical rationality and delicacy, highlights the industrial features and high-end positioning of its products. The new brand value and experience presents the clear identity of Shini, which features easy purchase, reliable partnership, heartfelt service and humanized products. With all of the characters, Shini can meet all the requirements with easy and simple solutions. To show you the brand new concept and experience, Shini applied two exhibition booths at Chinaplas2013, welcome to visit us at 3.1 in A41 and 8.1 in A61. There will be surprise! The following are the latest technology that Shini will introduce at the show on precision equipment and automatic robots.

1. Heatless dehumidifying dryer

In the molding of small size and high precision parts, material consumption is always small. With ordinary dehumidifying dryer, material after drying is easily dampened during conveying due to long time storage in the large size dryer which is placed on the ground. While the new heatless dehumidifying dryer can be placed directly on the injection molding machine and with hot dry air, it can achieve the same drying effect as SDD does and at the same time can avoid moisture regain.
After repeatedly improvement and optimizing, the compact sized HDD series heatless dehumidifying dryers feature two strong points: on the one hand, HDD series dryers are equipped with heatless regenerative dryers which can continuously provide drying air with dew-point temperature no higher than -40℃. With no regenerative heating area, the dryer is more energy-saving and drying effect is free from ambient temperature and humidity. On the other hand, HDD series dryer adopt advanced proportion control device with precise microcomputer controller, the air quantity is precisely controlled by setting the material parameters. With the new heatless dehumidifying dryer, energy utilization can be maximized and cost can be saved.
The model will be shown at Chinaplas2013 is HDD-40U with hopper capacity of 40 liters. Come and know more about our heatless dehumidifying dryers.

2. Micrometric dosing of masterbatch

Maserbatch materials are usually used in plastic molding process. Generally, masterbatch materials are added by screw feeders which are suitable to applications with large output or with extruders. When materbatch material consumption is very small, the ordinary screw feeders will cause masterbatch waste and color difference of products will be big due to unstable dosing accuracy. For expensive masterbatch materials, the loss will be huge.
SGD series dosers combine material feeding and loss-in-weight metering into one single unit. Adopt advance loss-in-weight metering technology, the feeding process can be monitored and together with the optimized feeding screw assembly, SGD series dosers can meet very high production requirements. This series are mainly applied in precise dosing of masterbatch and additives, especially in applications of micrometric dosing, they are highly stable. In addition, SGD series dosers can automatically monitor the dosing situation of mastetbatch or additives, also it can be connected to controller through Ethernet and features data memory function which is free from power failure.

3. Hungry feeding application

At most of the time, the feeding method during plastic molding is placing a container with materials piled up in it beside the feed port of injection molding machine. Material will always pile up at the feed port until there is no material in the container. We can call this kind of feeding as stuffed feeding, under this kind of feeding, the screw of injection molding machine and the material pipe will be easily abraded for materials are always piled up there; moisture and gas can not be instantly exhausted and lead to bad molding. To solve the problems that stuffed feeding caused, Shini brings the new feeding technology---hungry feeding. Adopt not-full-fill method, materials will not pile up at the feed port and the gas and moisture can be easily exhaust, thus to decrease the abrasion of molding screw and material pipe as well as improve product quality.
SLWF series feeders adopt loss-in-weight metering device together with vertical screw to feed, PLC and transducer to control and real-time detection of dosing to fill the molding screw incompletely, thus to achieve hungry feeding. Several feeders can be combined to achieve accurate dosing of multiple materials.
SLWF-300 will be displayed at Chinaplas2013 in Guangzhou, with feeding accuracy of ±0.5%, the feeding capacity can reach 300kg/hr at most.

4. High-efficiency side entry robot

A brand new robot will be promoted at the show. SSE-1600 side entry robot, with traverse stroke of 1600mm, is mainly applied to pick products from injection molding machine with clamping force under 600 tons, thin-wall molding and molding cycle within 6 seconds. For its side pick structure, this series robot greatly shortens the picking time and greatly improve production efficiency. Separate design and optimized structure make it a compact model which can be easily applied in workshops with height limit. What's more, separate installation from injection molding machine can avoid frequency interfere cause by the mechanical vibration between molding machine and robot.