Air-cooling Chamber SACC

    SACC series adopts highly-efficient heat exchanger to fulfill interchange of heat between inlet air and cooling water. Which lowers inlet air temperature to the output cold air with temperature of 12~24℃. This series are applicable for extrusion blow film line, cold-air stereotype of bag blaster, moulds dehumidification and preventing moisture condensation of moulds.


    • Equipped with reverse phase, default phase, overload and high temperature protection. Both buzzer and warning light would send alert of breakdown, making operation secure and reliable.
    • Adjustable cool air temperature of 12~24℃, real time display of cool air temperature.
    • Equipped with the pull-out air filter which has simple structure and it is convenient to clean filter screen.
    • Equipped with negative pressure detector to monitor air suction channel to avoid blockage.
    • Return air cover is available as option, which is used to recycle the output cold air.