“All-in-One” Compact Dryers - SCD

    SCD “All-in-One” portable compact dryers are mainly used for drying, dehumidifying, and conveying hygroscopic plastics, such as PET, PA, and PC etc. The one-to-one (for one set of IMM) or one-to-two (for two sets of IMMs) SCD compact dryers can be used according actual production demands. Besides, the double drying hoppers can be selected to meet the production demands of two component IMM. In addition, there’re multiple options and accessories to meet various demands. If  dry materials are volatile, it must use the EOF filter, such as PA.


    • Combine the function of dehumidifying, drying and two-stage conveying into a single unit.   
    • Adopt molecular sieve structure honeycomb, which provides low dew-point dry air. The honeycomb rotor structure is superior to double-barrel dehumidifier that will contaminate raw material due to damaged molecular sieve.
    • Feeding system is equipped with shut-off valve to ensure no dry materials remain in the material line and avoid dry material from regaining moisture.
    • Equipped with microprocessor to accurately control drying temperature. 
    • Insulation drying hopper adopts down blowpipe design and collocates with cyclone air exhaust to avoid heat lost and improve drying efficiency.    
    • SCD with two drying hoppers, the drying temperature of single hopper can be individually controlled. It mainly applied to two component molding machine, which can process dehumidifying and drying to two different drying materials.   
    • Equipped with weekly timer, machine can automatically operate. 
    • All new high effective drying hopper with 14~20% less floor space than the previous version (40U~230U model)