The granulators are applicable to granulate various kinds of plastic materials from injection molding, blow molding or wasted materials. To avoid plastic from sticking to the blades, all materials should be crushed at normal temperature.


    • Staggered blades design can decentralize working load when granulating to increase cutting efficiency. (SG-60110EB adopts paddle-blade structure.)   
    • Cutters adjustment are available. Shaping after blunt ensures longer life service.
    • Adopt adjustable bearing with base, mounted outside of cutting chamber’s side plate of bearing for  convenient installation and maintenance.
    • Optimal design can effectively reduce vibration during operation of granulator.
    • Equipped with motor overload relay and multiple safety devices to ensure machine safe operation.
    • SG-3260EB and the models below are equipped with castor wheels. They have small footprint and are easy to move.