"Budget" Series Heaters STM-EB

    STM-EB series are applicable for heating up moulds and maintaining temperature, and they also can be used in other similar applications. Firstly, these series adopt different cooling method (indirect cooling for oil heater, and direct cooling for water heater) to cool down the media (oil or water), then the media are conveyed to the moulds after pressurized by pump and heated up by pipe heater to meet heating up and constant water temp. demands. 


    • The maximum operating temperature for water is 120℃/248℉, and oil is 200℃/392℉. 
    • Full digital P.I.D. temp. control system maintains stable mould temp. with control accuracy up to±0.5℃. 
    • High-efficiency high temp. pump achieves the high efficiency heat exchange. 
    • Equipped with power phase reverse protector, pump overload protector and overheat protector and other safety devices, the machine can automatically detect the abnormalities with indicator lights when failure occurs. 
    • STM-W-EB is equipped with the low level protector and Water-removing via compress air.