Cabinet Dryers - CD

For cabinet dryers, materials to be dried are placed on the stainless steel made moveable material trays. During operation, process air will flow to heating wire and be heated up to required temperature, then flow through a manifold with evenly scattered holes. Moisture air is sent out through air exhaust port. It is designed to achieve an even drying effect.


  • Accurate P.I.D. temperature control to achieve an even drying effect.
  • Air-proofed insulative door can maintain temperature constantly inside to reduce energy consumption.
  • Stainless steel tray and liner bring no contamination to materials.
  • Optimal design for ease of maintenance and service.
  • When CD-20-HT is roasting with highly volatile matter, it is available to choose elbow air exhaust flange, which could discharge high temperature volatile matter and ensure people’s security.
  • Unique design of adjustable air inlet and exhaust.
  • 24 hours timer, easy to operate.
  • Overheat protector can prevent excessive drying.
  • Motor overload relay.
  • Visible alarm to indicate troubles immediately.
  • Tray size and inner dimensions of the dryer can be specified according to requirements.
  • Upon request, it can be built to comply withworldwide electrical safety standards (For example : CE, UL, CSA, JIS etc.).

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