Central Vacuum Hopper Loader-SCAL


    Collocated with eight (twelve) European vacuum hopper receivers, it is mainly used for multiple dehumidifying dryers to convey different plastic materials, which also can achieve material conveying to different injection molding machines or storage hoppers, and be used as small central material conveying system.  


    • Adopt cyclone filter design that effectively reduces the filter load.
    • 7”touch screen+PLC control for direct status display and easy operation. 
    • Independent shut-off output function can control max. 12 SBU shut-off valves directly. 
    • The host unit has auto purge device that enables continuous cleaning. 
    • Collocated with Euro stainless steel central hopper ensures no material contamination. 
    • With vacuum breaking separator, it can prolong the blower’s life span.
    • RS485 interface and audible alarm device.