Compressed Air Dryers - SCAD


    Applicable for small batch drying of commonly-used engineering plastics such as ABS and PS, also suitable for pre-heating treatment before plastics molding.


    • P.I.D. temperature controller with LCD can reach an accuracy of ±1℃,
    • and is easy to operate.
    • The weekly timer with an auto On/Off function.
    • The unit utilizes compressed air to dry plastic materials with a good and stable drying effect, and it is not influenced by ambient temperature and humidity.
    • Compressed air pressure detection lets the unit operate smoothly and safely.
    • Temperature control with an SSR relay can effectively prolong the unit's lifespan.
    • The controller has built-in overheat protection to avoid excessively high drying temperatures.
    • The unit has a built-in warning light that can visualize the status of the unit.
    • It has an RS485 communication interface to realize remote monitoring or automatic production.
    • The visualized drying hopper of SCAD -1~6U adopts a double-layer high-temperature-resistant tube.
    • SCAD-1~6U has an air discharge filter before the dry air is released outside.
    • The double-layer drying hopper of SCAD-12~40U is made of stainless steel to ensure no material contamination and prevent heat loss.
    • SCAD-12~40U has a pipe heater temperature protector to prevent the unit from overheating or dry burning.