Dehumidifying Dryers - SDD

    SDD dehumidifying dryers integrate dehumidifying and drying into one unit, which mainly process high efficient drying for hygroscopic plastics, such as PET, PA and PC. The floor mounted SDD collocated with loader and suction box beside the IMM can realize auto dehumidifying and drying. Besides, this machine can also be placed at the central material area to work with central material system for centralized drying processing. In addition, there’re multiple options and accessories to meet various demands. If some dry materials are volatile, it must use the EOF filter.


    • Adopt molecular sieve structure honeycomb, which provides low dew-point dry air.The honeycomb rotor structure is superior to double-barrel dehumidifier that will contaminate raw material due to damaged molecular sieve.
    • Dehumidifying and drying function are integrated to ensure high efficiency.
    • Insulated drying hopper features dry air down-blowing and cyclone exhaust design. This improves drying efficiency and reduces heat loss, saving energy.
    • The dehumidifying section of the SDD series adopts cooler to ensure a low return air temperature and low dew-point.
    • Microprocessor is the standard equipment,with a temperature controlling accuracy of ±1℃.
    • Equipped with weekly timer, machine can automatically operate.