Drying Loaders - SDL-U

    SDL-U drying loader integrates two-stage conveying and drying into single unit, which can efficiently dry most of standard hygroscopic plastics, such as PS, PP, and other plastics. The two-stage conveying can realize fully automatic conveying materials from storage tank to drying hopper, and from drying hopper to the IMM, which reduces men power and avoids contamination. SDL-U-HD drying loader is composed of the SDL-U and optional HAD twin tower compress air dryer to achieve better drying resulf than ordinary dryers. The weekly timer can reserve working hours in advance that is especially suitable for pre-drying occasions, which is applicable to pre-dry materials before IMM start as to increase productivity.


    • SDL -U integrates two-stage conveying and drying into one unit.
    • Microcomputer and P.I.D. control system can accurately control the drying temperature.
    • Portable design with standard footprint.
    • Material contacted surfaces are made of stainless steel to ensure that materials are free from contamination.
    • Full-function alarm system that can immediately respond to error.
    • Standard hot air recycler reduces energy consumption without hot air and dust being discharged for cooler and cleaner working space.
    • Standard material shut-off suction box formed hermitic cycle loop, to avoid material moisture regain due to ambient air, and ensure that there is no material residue in the pipe.
    • Double-layer heat insulation hopper ensures uniform temperature and less heat loss.
    • Weekly timer function 
    • Highest drying temperature of 160℃.
    • Touchable HMI that for easy operation and study.