Drying Loaders - SDL-U

SDL-U series of drying loaders combine conventional hot air drying and two-stage conveying functions into a compact unit. It is particularly suitable for using with the big tonnage moulding machines when height restriction is concerned at the workshop. The SDL-U series has a unique function of two-stage conveying that can transport both raw materials into drying hopper and dried material to the moulding machine.


  • SDL-U integrates conveying and drying into one unit, while SDL-U-HD integrates dehumidifying, drying and conveying into one unit.
  • Adopts microprocessor and P.I.D. control system for precision drying temperature.
  • Footprint reduction design, making movement easier and replacing units conveniently.
  • Hoppers are made of stainless steel to avoid contamination.
  • The full functional alarming system can immediately show faults.
  • A closed-loop material conveying to prevent the dry material from contacting with outside air so to avoid moisture reabsorption.
  • Environment saving hot air recycling device can reduce energy consumption without hot air or dust discharging.
  • Standard material shut-off (line cleaning) suction box ensures no residual material after each loading process.
  • Heat insulated hopper to reduce heat loss and reduce energy consumption.
  • Standard weekly timer to maximize energy saving.
  • The heatless dehumidifying device of SHD-U-HD can supply dry air with relative low dewpoint to speed up material handling process.