Energy-saving Intelligent Drying Control System-SEC-H

The energy-saving intelligent drying control system SEC-H can be implemented and modified on most hopper dryers with three-phase blower. Besides, the energy-saving intelligent drying control system SEC-SH can be implemented and modified on most hopper dryers with single-phase blower. Remove the original control system of the hopper dryer and replace it with the Shini energy-saving intelligent drying control system, which can save 30~80% energy consumption according to different blower airflows and environments.


  • The unit can realize precision temperature control via a microcomputer PID controller.
  • LCD display for easy operation;
  • The standard weekly timer can dry the material in advance to facilitate production.
  • Overheat protection: When the drying temperature exceeds the protection value, the unit can cut off the heater power for safe operation.
  • RS485 communication interface to realize industrial 4.0.
  • The unit can automatically regulate the drying airflow and temperature according to actual material throughput to realize energy-saving purposes and prevent over-drying. According to the materials and throughputs, the unit can realize 30%~80% energy reduction than the standard unit.