Flexible Screw Feeders - SSC


    SSC series flexible screw feeders adopt motor-driven screws for raw material conveying, applicable to convey regrinds, virgin materials, powders and their mixtures with features of easy installation and maintenance. It can work with other Shini’s products, such as PET crystallizer, and blender (must be mounted on the customized flange). Two models of SSC-50/65 available with max. horizontal conveying capacity of up to 1,900 kg/hr (4,189 Ib/hr).


    • Effectively avoid material stratification during conveying process
    • Fully closed conveying line, free from contamination
    • Flexible conveying line brings maximum convenience of installation, best compatibility with other conveying equipments
    • Reverse phase protector is adopted to avoid that the motor is working in the reverse direction.
    • Standard conveying pipeline is 5m/197.5 inch which can reach be lengthened to 7m/276 inch.